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Casting steel slag tank

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Functions and features
The slag tank is a container used to hold the high-temperature slag produced in the metal smelting process, and is widely used in the metallurgical industry.
Cost Effective 
Long service life
High resistance odeformation
Strong repairability
Stable product performance
Customized design and manufacturing
Chemical composition:
Tank BodyZG230-450≤0.30≤0.50≤0.90≤0.035≤0.035//
ASTM A27≤0.25≤0.80≤0.70≤0.025≤0.025//
Trunnion35#0.32-0.390.17-0.370.50-0.80<0. 035<0. 035//
20CrMo0.17-0.240.17-0.370.40-0.70<0. 035<0. 0350.80-1.100.18-0.25
40Cr0.37-0.440.17-0.370.50-0.80<0. 035<0. 0350.80-1.10/
Note: The residual elements all meet the requirements of the corresponding standards, and the total amount is less than 1.00%.

Mechanical Property
PositionMaterialTensile strengthσb (MPa)Yield strength
σs (MPa)
Elongationδ5 (%)Reduction of area
ψ (%)
Impact energy
Akv (J)
Tank bodyZG230-450≥450≥230≥22≥32≥25
ASTM A27≥450≥240≥24//


Product advantages:
We produce the customized cast steel slag tank with stable performance, long service life, high cost effectiveness; Strong deformation resistance, top-class surface quality, short delivery time. Annual output ≥ 300 pcs slag tank, now become one of the largest casting steel slag tank manufacturing base. They can withstand the liquid slag temperature up to 1400℃.
After several service, the slag tank should be aging naturally or artificially to improve slag package’s service life.
◆Long service life: the cast steel slag tank can last for 3-5 years under normal service conditions, maximum 8-10 years.
◆Strong deformation resistance: with the ability of rapid heat absorption and fast heat conduction; the body surface is continuously convecting and dissipating heat to the surrounding, so the slag tank will not be red and deformed due to the rapid and high temperature rise.
◆Strong repairability: All cast steel parts, which can be directly welded for defects such as cracks and depressions caused by abnormal use or after long service, and have strong repairability.
◆Stable performance: From molding, smelting to pouring, cleaning, and then to non-destructive testing, with full data tracking, mature technology and stable performance.
◆Customized design and manufacturing : There are professional slag tank designers who can design slag tanks according to customer requests and on-site working conditions, and use 3D modeling to manufacture products.
In addition
Comprehensively consider the erosion of the tank wall by the steel slag during the usage, we design the tank body as uniform thickness wall and gradient thickness wall.
Gradient wall thickness can alleviate the erosion of steel slag, prevent the slag tank from deformation when remove the slag shell, which is impossible for welding slag tank. It can make sure stable hoisting , free dumping, and sufficient strength of slag tank.
Manufacturing capacity:
Delivery time: 45days after formal contract, annual output of 300pcs slag tank.


Sales Reference :
OrderClientProduct nameQty.
1Kunming Iron & Steel Co., Ltd11m³、16m³ Slag tank16
2Shougang Jingtang Iron and Steel United Co., Ltd16m³ Slag tank30
3Baoshan iron & steel36m³ Slag tank6
4Southeast Copper Industry Co., Ltd12m³ Slag ladle150
5Jiangxi Copper Industry Co., Ltd8m³、11m³ Slag ladle20
6Pohang Stainless Steel Co., Ltd9m³ Slag tank50
7Ningbo Iron & Steel Co., Ltd. (including Ningbo Baofeng)16m³ Slag tank54
8Red River Iron & Steel Co., Ltd9.5m³ Slag tank20
9Taiwan Sinosteel Group10m³ Slag tank15
10Wuhan Iron & Steel Co. LTDFour types of slag tanks, such as 5.9-25m³600
11MCC Baosteel Technical Services Co., LtdEleven types of slag tanks, such as 5-26m³176
12 GVA GermanyTen types of slag tanks, such as 10-18m³136