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Posted on 01/09/2018
On 5th September, TATA STEEL INDIA delegation visited BAOSTEEL ROLL in Changzhou.
This is the first time in 10 years that TATA INDIA dispatch such a comprehensive delegation consists of 7 people who represent procurement, engineering, manufacturing, QC to take an on-site survey in BAOSTEEL ROLL.
The visiting is just before finalizing the annual contract of FY20. The delegation gives high appraisal of BAOSTEEL ROLL’s on-site management, technical capability, QC management, especially to the customized technical service. The delegation shows great interest on the new technology, the self-developed low frequency static induction hardening technology applied on the BUR project and further discussed about the hot strip mill BUR.
According to information, TATA STEEL plans several large capital merge project in India which aims at consolidating its leading position in steel industry.
The visiting helps further expanding and improving the business cooperation of both sides.