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BAOSTEEL semi-HSS rolls win market’s favor

Posted on 01/11/2018
Recently, a rolling performance report from BAOWU steel 2030 cold rolling mill states that BAOSTEEL semi-HSS rolls successfully passed the on-site rolling trial. The success is a vital milestone for BAOSTEEL semi-HSS rolls to comprehensively put in use in each BAOWU steel CRM. The report shows compared with 5%Cr rolls, the rolls are much stronger in extending rolling campaign, roughness retentivity, damage resistance. While compared with the same type rolls from other supplier, BAOSTEEL rolls show significant advantages in regular maintenance. The rolls excellently help steel plants to improve production efficiency, JIT management and production cost reduction.


It is reported that BAOSTEEL semi-HSS rolls already get approved and highly appraised by domestic steel giants as Anshan Steel, Shougang Qian’an Steel, and TISCO. For overseas market, the rolls have been exported to Europe, India, Middle-east countries. It is proud that the rolls is highly recommended by Russia, Saudi-Arabia, Pakistan customers, and placed further orders, some even already placed the whole year order in 2019 for semi-HSS rolls.